Some of you may have wondered what are those colored ribbons that are applied to the body and what they are used for.

Actually we talk about elastic taping, an original and certified product, used for bandages and biomechanical effect.

Inside there are no drugs or chemicals, it is breathable, waterproof and is used for several consecutive days.

It is a technique that can be applied to patients of all ages and also in the case of pregnancy, given its composition and the hypoallergenicity of the adhesive mass.

Kinesiological taping is a technique developed by Dr. Kenzo Kase in Japan over 25 years ago and was popularized in the Seoul Olympic Games in 1988. He returns to the fore with every major sporting event, where it appears in the bodies of athletes, A clear example is represented by Mario Balotelli during the 2012 European Championship.

Without a doubt, it is a technique that has revolutionized the world of sports medicine and well-being, making itself appreciated by professionals in manual therapies and sports performance.

Scientific studies have confirmed that the effectiveness of the taping technique depends on the accuracy of the application and the quality of the tape.

The tape used is an adhesive tape with 40% elasticity, made of hypoallergenic cotton that guarantees perspiration and skin permeability without leaving any residue.

Applied in the joints, it allows movement by performing a biomechanical action, while applied to the muscles, it offers the possibility of improving recovery and sports performance. The glue that forms the part that adheres to the skin spreads precisely and is activated by body heat. All this allows a correct and constant maintenance of the belt in the correct position.

The elastic band is a tool without side effects with a high potential for efficacy, useful for improving recovery and sports performance.

Elastic tape effects

Alleviate the pain

Support moving muscles

Eliminates the congestion of the lymphatic muscles.

Correct joint alignments

Improve posture

Optimize sports performance by improving performance.

Support the muscles and joints during the reeducation phase.

Main forms of application

The Elastic Taping application represents a new generation of support that allows the use of sophisticated methods in reeducation practice, improving performance and postural rebalancing.

The correct application of the neuromuscular tape naturally stimulates the receptors of the skin by activating the corresponding systems.

In the field of rehabilitation, it stimulates the healing processes of the body by acting on the receptors of the skin and activating the endogenous analgesic system. The reduction of edema provides a pleasant sensation and allows the return to the movement of the affected muscle.

In sport, it performs a multiple function: before the athletic gesture, heats the muscles by increasing the microcirculation; During athletic gestures, the degree of prevention increases and after the effort drains lactic acid.

In posturology, through constant proprioceptive stimulation, Elastic Tape allows the active stimulation to be maintained by postural rehabilitation techniques.

Depending on the part of the body to be treated, Elastic Tape is cut in different shapes and lengths, presenting the following models:

Model I

Model X

Model and

Fan models

The use of Elastic Taping creates an innovative approach in the treatment of the nervous, muscular and articular system and is used in clinics, universities, educational institutions and professional sports teams.

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